Quick Layout: Fill in the blanks then add just a tad more.

Looking back a year is always a great way to see how you and your family have grown over the last year. Pick as many of the following items from the list below to easily and simply highlight the changes in your family--from a new car to a new baby to a healthier lifestyle. It really can take very little words to capture the essence of some big and small changes in your life. Once you list how things were a year ago, jot a few sentences about how they currently stand and what the future might hold.

Car I drove:
Car other family members drove:
Cell Phone I used:
Number of members in our family:
Number of pets:
Where we lived:
Where I worked:
Where other family members worked:
Old debt balance: (hopefully its gone down or you paid everything off! :) )
Status of residence--own or rent?
Number of countries visited:
Number of states visited:

Example layout to follow!

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