Quick! Grab a Journaling pen!

Isn't the start of a new year refreshing? What do you hope happens in the year 2010? Jot down a quick list of goals for the year. You can hold off on making the rest of the layout for another day if you need to, but at least you have the goals written down before, say, March when goal-setting for the year isn't as exciting. A list of goals is a great addition to your scrapbook albums. With a list, chances are you will not reach every single goal, but you will be documenting your hopes and dreams. What a treasure that will be for future generations to come across in our pages!

While you are at it, pass that journaling pen on to your kids and husband for them to do the same. You may even want to start a goal-writing family tradition.

Here's to having the inspiration to dream big goals--and the blessing that all of them DO happen this year.

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